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GOS The Huntsmen King Series Bcar

GOS The Huntsmen King Series Bcar

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The Huntsmen Bcar is a collection of 12 Bearing Scar designed and produced by Black Raisins for GOS products.

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GOS The Huntsmen King Series Bcar

-made in black polished Nylon PA2200

-suitable for springer and aeb only.

-use only soft tip foam dart.

-made for barrel with OD16mm only.

-using "Faux Threaded Barrel" also known as FTB, to lock the bearing scar onto the barrel.

How to mount?

The Huntsmen King Series Bcar can be mounted easily using the FTB system. Variants like the 16 Bcar and 20 Bcar on it's way, now it's possible to switch bcar in the field during game play without any tools. 

Recommended guidelines of mounting the  GOS The Huntsmen King Series Bcar:

Step 1

Use a round or half tape on the barrel edge due to the inherent of barrel surface and nylon surface.



Step 2

Secure the FTB on the barrel, the tape should sit either fully as pictured on the left, or half as pictured on the right. 

Step 3

Screw on the bearing scar and enjoy your foam flinging time.


Which stefan dart?

Works well with any stefan dart but if you're using with blaster that hits 180fps and beyond, best recommended is the RED WORKER HE DARTS(Gen2). 

Why nylon? 

Nylon is durable and rugged against knocks and abuse of usage. Bcar do not have bulky wall, therefore nylon does not cracks or split easy as other materials such as delrin, abs or polycarb.

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